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Teff Date Nut Coffee Quick Bread

teff date nut coffee quick bread photo by vsimon Is this temping or what? I like to play with my food, and new ingredients. There was a bag of teff flour in the freezer, calling me. There were a couple of ideas floating around in my head. And I searched online for other ideas. There […]

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What is an easy way to convert a popular wheat flour recipe to gluten free? And ensure it is successful, with a soft texture, and even whole grain? sorghum, peanut butter, chocolate chip blondies photo by vsimon Three steps to convert a baked treat to gluten free. Substitute whole grain sorghum flour for the wheat […]

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C is for Corn

¬† Corn flour, masa, grits, corn meal, whole kernel. Let me count the ways I love corn. It is the flavor, texture and aroma I crave. The best way to describe it is, well corny. ¬† ¬†Naturally gluten free corn products are available in white, yellow, and even blue. With many, many textures and shapes. […]

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