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This cheesecake intrigued me. Making a cheesecake gluten free is easy, just use gluten free cookie or cracker crumbs, or nuts for the crust.  And I have made many successful dairy free desserts (and more) with silken tofu. But a vegan and raw cheesecake? No eggs, no baking? How do they do that? Very well! […]

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Grilled Mediterranean Salad

We have to wait until the very end of the season for red and yellow peppers from our garden. But what a treat!! We especially love them raw, sliced for a sweet healthy snack. grilled Mediterranean Veggie Salad photo by vsimon But we also like them grilled. This Mediterranean Salad is just the dish to […]

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T is for Teff

Teff is teeny tiny. Just the size of the period at the end of this sentence. It is dark brown and can be used as a whole seed, or ground into flour. Teff is a staple in Africa where the flour is used to make Injera, the sour dough bread of Ethiopia. Injera is really […]

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