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Gingered Beet and Berry Salad

gingered beet and berry salad photo by vsimon This is intense. Intense flavor- sweet and spicy. A cool salad with a hit of hot ginger. Intense color- red beets and red raspberries. Intense texture- crunchy grated raw roots. Intense nutrition- click on each ingredient in the recipe below for in depth information from The World’s […]

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What is an easy way to convert a popular wheat flour recipe to gluten free? And ensure it is successful, with a soft texture, and even whole grain? sorghum, peanut butter, chocolate chip blondies photo by vsimon Three steps to convert a baked treat to gluten free. Substitute whole grain sorghum flour for the wheat […]

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X is for Xanthan

stenciled-xanthan-stars photo by vsimon Texture is the biggest challenge in gluten free baking. Gluten free bakery has evolved from gritty, crumbly, and dry, to nearly indistinguishable from the glutinous original. You can thank xanthan for that. Xanthan creates structure in the batter that traps gases from yeast, baking soda, or baking powder. The batter can […]

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