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photo by vsimon I have played with many kinds of whole-grain gluten free flours over the years. Well, some are not technically called grains. By definition, grains contain 3 parts. The germ, where the baby seed is. The endosperm holds food for the developing seed. And the bran, a protective covering. All grains are seeds, […]

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(reposted from 2009) Trick or treat?  Treat for a Halloween dinner party, or family meal! roasted witches fingers with honey mustard sauce photo by vsimon And a treat when you use the non scary version of this recipe throughout the year- oven baked chicken tenders. Do take it easy on yourself.  Once the hands are […]

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Foamy Black Bug Juice

[Reposted from 2009.] I hope you are planning your Halloween dinner menu. How about starting the evening with Foamy Black Black Bug Juice? Foamy Black Bug Juice photo by vsimon Foamy Black Bug Juice Sweet, tasty, fragrant. Spicy fragrance, not icky stinky. And just gross enough in a clear glass. Make this right before serving […]

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