Silky Tofu Chocolate Pudding aka Chocolate “Moose”

silky tofu chocolate pudding

silky tofu chocolate pudding or mousse photo by vsimon

Pudding,  mousse, or “moose.” Which is it?  

Whayever you want. It is the texture of pudding when it is served right away. It firms to mousse consistency when it is chilled for a few hours. How much liquid you add factors in too.

This recipe is very malleable. The only two constants required are silken tofu and chocolate. Liquid and sweetener choices are yours to make.

Kid friendly or upscale?

Either. Call it pudding or “moose” and serve it unadorned in simple bowls to please the kids. Heck, they can help make it.

Or call it mousse, elevate it in stemmed glassware, and add a fancy garnish. Say, fresh fruit, orange zest, a mint sprig. Now we are talking downtown! Also think Valentine’s Day for your babe. Very easy to make ahead.

Tofu? Isn’t that alien goo?

No, it is not. Tofu is made from soybeans, possibly grown in soil right here in the Midwest. Be sure to use silken tofu. When it is blended, you will not find anything that feels smoother in your mouth.

It comes in several varieties-soft, firm, extra firm, organic, lite. Any kind will work. Add less liquid when using soft tofu, more with extra firm. 

I use extra firm lite because it has fewer calories, something this 50 something body doesn’t need too many of.

Gluten free chocolate.

Several brands come to mind. I favor Ghirardelli semi sweet chocolate chips. There are others too. Read the labels, visit the FAQ sections of company websites. And call them if you have further questions. 

Low lactose? Dairy Free? It can be.

I use strong coffee for the liquid. You could use any kind of milk- soy, almond, hazelnut, hemp, rice. These would all make a dairy free delight.

You could even use cow milk, but then it would not be dairy free. It would still be much lower in lactose than “regular” pudding though.

And be sure to use dairy free chocolate if you need absolutely dairy free chocolate pudding. Enjoy Life is dairy free. Ghirardelli, even the very dark kinds, are not.

Sweetener, any issue can be accommodated.

First- type.

Most will work. Sugar-white, brown, dark brown, palm, date. Honey, maple syrup, agave. Even artificial sweeteners if that is your wish.

Some of these will change the flavor, but they will work.

And liquid sweeteners will thin the mousse a bit. You could cut back on the liquid to make sure you get the consistency you like.

I used dark brown sugar.

Second- amount.

The amount in the recipe is not overly sweet. Some folks may want more.

Make it your own

So mix and match your ingredients, choose the name, and how it is served. Any way, this is a foolproof recipe you will love to make again and again.

Silky Tofu Chocolate Pudding (or whatever you want to call it)

makes 6 servings metric measure
2 cups chocolate chips 300 mg
2-12 oz packages silken tofu, at room temp 700 mg
1/4 to 1/2 cup liquid 60 to 120 ml
1/4 cup sweetener (50 gm dark brown sugar)

In a microwave safe bowl, heat chips at 30 second intervals, stirring until smooth.

Put tofu into blender and process until smooth.

It is important for the tofu to be room temperature here, not chilled. Otherwise the melted chocolate may seize up into tiny, crunchy bits. And you will not achieve silky, satiny enlightenment.

Add melted chocolate, your choice of liquid, and sweetener. Process until smooth.

Serve or save.

Keep refrigerated and be sure to enjoy with in a week.

Tofu Mocha Smoothie

mocha tofu smoothie 002

tofu mocha smoothie photo by vsimon

Do you want a quick, dairy free eye opener?

Would you like the protein of two eggs in the morning, but cannot face the frying pan, or the egg?

Blend up a mocha smoothie made with silken tofu. This is definitely an A.M. adult beverage. And not too sweet. Make a small batch and save half in the fridge if you are “cooking” for one. It may be a bit thicker the next day. To chill out and thin, just add more ice cubes or water and blend.

Silken tofu is well named, nothing is silkier texture when blended. It is sold in shelf-stable blocks and comes in soft, firm, and extra firm textures. Organic or not. And light (lower fat) or not. Use whatever kind your store has. You may need to add a bit more water if you use the firm varieties.

Many folks want caffeine first thing in the morning. But you can use caffeine free coffee powder if you prefer.

Add the ice cubes if you like a bit of icy crunch. Omit the ice, and use more water, if you prefer your smoothies smooth.

Mocha Smoothie

serves 2 metric measures
12 oz block of silken tofu 335 grams
6 tablespoons dark brown sugar 80m grams
2 tablespoons cocoa powder, 
   not cocoa drink mix
12 grams
2 tablespoons instant coffee powder 8 grams
1/2 to 1 cup cold water 120 to 240 ml
about 6 ice cubes 90 grams

Put it all into a blender and process until smooth. Thin or sweeten more to your taste. Store any leftovers in the fridge.

Stay tuned for more smoothie recipes, dairy and dairy free. What flavors are your favorites?

This recipe was originally published in the Nourish column of the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, July 2009.