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Dried Ground Cherries

left to right: naked ground cherries, cinnamon raisin dried ground cherries, whole ground cherries with their husks, ground cherry plant  photo by vsimon Last year we had 1, this year we 7 ground cherry plants. Some we paid for, some were grown from saved seeds. Some were volunteer plants from last year. This could get […]

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G is for Gomashio

Excuse me? Gomashio (goh-MAH-shee-oh) is an incredibly useful Japanese seasoning made of toasted ground sesame seeds and salt. That is it. Simple, handy, flavorful.   toasted sesame seeds photo by kurisuroffo Gomashio is a wonderful topping for any vegetable, grain, soup, salad, entree or sushi. Really, any savory dish. It adds complex rich flavor and […]

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