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A Dozen Gifts for Cooks

Having the right tool in the kitchen can make the difference between joy and frustration. We have been in many home kitchens, and have used many tools, over many years. Some quality tools are inexpensive, some are investments. Do you need some recommendations? Here are some that add pleasure to my day. Some are available […]

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four of my pressure cookers and a steamer basket photo by vsimon I know you want to. But it is scary. What if it does not like me back? What if it blows a gasket? Not to worry, modern pressure cookers have many safety features. You will not decorate your ceiling with the contents. And […]

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Cranberry Potato Kidney Bean Salad

 cranberry potato and kidney bean salad photo by vsimon In our big backyard garden, we grew cranberry potatoes. They are red skinned with pinkish flesh. I thought, what could we do with potatoes? Potato salad! And since it’s chilly outside, warm potato salad! I had made Garlicky Green Bean and Potato Salad this summer and […]

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