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Wonder Tortilla!

Here is a recipe from one of my readers (Wenchypoo) that I thought should be shared.  Give it a try and post your results.   *Whew* I finally did it–turned your Wonder Bun idea into a Wonder Tortilla! Here’s the recipe (done in a 1000W microwave with Corelle dinner plate) Makes 1 taco or fajita-sized tortilla […]

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photo by vsimon I have played with many kinds of whole-grain gluten free flours over the years. Well, some are not technically called grains. By definition, grains contain 3 parts. The germ, where the baby seed is. The endosperm holds food for the developing seed. And the bran, a protective covering. All grains are seeds, […]

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(reposted from 2009) Trick or treat?  Treat for a Halloween dinner party, or family meal! roasted witches fingers with honey mustard sauce photo by vsimon And a treat when you use the non scary version of this recipe throughout the year- oven baked chicken tenders. Do take it easy on yourself.  Once the hands are […]

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