I Have Cancer, Again

gazing ball

me shooting me in a gazing ball in our back yard January 2010

Bloggers endlessly study headlines, what will the search engines like?

This isn’t one I ever wanted to write. And I do care if the search engines send traffic. I invite interested folks to follow my Caring Bridge site. Enter lsimon in the Visit a Website space.

It says it is private. When I set the settings with minimal privacy, I can check who has registered.  Maybe I am addicted to blog stats, and this way I get a few. But really, everyone is welcome to visit. And share the site with others you think may benefit.

I write about emotions, costs, day to day annoyances, whatever is pertinent. It is truthful, sometimes humorous, sometimes not pretty.

I didn’t want to hijack Kitchen Therapy into a cancer blog. I haven’t had the energy or appetite to post here in over a month. But both are coming back. I an itching to do a real gluten-free food post soon.

So I decided to write about my cancer at Caring Bridge. It is a welcome help to people with severe health problems. It simplifies communication between friends, family, and colleagues, over the internet. A free service for patients, please share this resource with anyone you know who could benefit. Setting up a site is super easy.

Getting daily comments of support, affirmation, and jokes is uplifting for the patient. Getting updates without calling and disturbing the patient is calming for everyone else.

My personal site makes the most sense if you read My Story first. Then the Journal entries in chronological order.

Being a gluten-free food blogger has added joy, color, texture, and flavor to my life. I thank all of you who read Kitchen Therapy.