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X is for Xanthan

stenciled-xanthan-stars photo by vsimon Texture is the biggest challenge in gluten free baking. Gluten free bakery has evolved from gritty, crumbly, and dry, to nearly indistinguishable from the glutinous original. You can thank xanthan for that. Xanthan creates structure in the batter that traps gases from yeast, baking soda, or baking powder. The batter can […]

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It looks like birdseed, heck, it is birdseed. Other than being gluten free, what is so great about millet? It makes great crunchy muffins for one thing. Today we do two, one with buttermilk, one vegan. I started with a wheat flour and whole grain millet recipe from Cooking Light. Imagine millet in a mainstream […]

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I is for Iceberg Lettuce

Umm. The much maligned iceberg lettuce is not very nutritious you say. I completely agree. If iceberg lettuce is your primary vegetable, you need to explore the colorful world of greens. But we will save that for another post. Since iceberg lettuce is naturally gluten free, how many times has it been suggested as a […]

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