6 thoughts on “Wonder-Bun”

  1. Hello, Thank you so much for the recipe for wonder buns and all the comments, it is so helpful.
    I was finally able to make one for my daughter today and she was almost in tears to have a toasted bun with her turkey soup. She is full of ideas of how to use this recipe…I think garlic toast was on the menu tonight.
    It was a huge start to the new year. She is a little hesitant to make sure she doesn’t react to any of the ingredients in that combination. I have tried many recipes for her and I was delighted to have a winner the first time out. I have had too many failures and the cost of ingredients limits my ability to experiment more often.
    I adjusted your recipe as follows: I replaced the sorghum with 1tbsp of Bob\’s all purpose mix and 1tbsp of gluten free oat flour. And to replace the coco I also used the equivalent of oat flour. I also replaced the molasses with lemon or apple syrup I make from boiling down apple juice or an organic lemonade.
    What a great day it was for us both. Thank you again, you have helped another person in the quest to live a somewhat more normal life that can include something as common and easy as a sandwich. It will be such a time saver and as my daughter said the closest thing to ”fast food” she can imagine.
    Cheers from Ottawa Canada.

  2. thank you so much for this, I have just started my journey on the gluten free/paleo lifestyle. I made this bun straight away turned out amazing. I ended up using a buckwheat flour pancake mix, for paleo I will try using coconut flour.

    1. Hi Jen,
      Glad you liked it. Please let us know how the coconut flour bun works. I have made the bun with a 50:50 mix of almond flour and flax seed meal, omitting the molasses. Didn’t use any sweetener. This combo is good too.

      1. Hi, just to let you know I have tried all variations and still with great success. Coconut flour does require much more liquid so either another egg or water. If you are watching your calories egg whites do just as well too. I now use gluten free cake mixes with the same method adding protein powder and cold pressed oils. I can now have a protein mini cake in the same time.

  3. Can someone email me clarification? The recipe for Wonder Buns says three quarters teaspoon molasses. But, if my hearing was o.k., I thought the video called for three quarters of a tablespoon. Which is correct?
    I keep all these ingredients in the house and will surely make one soon.
    Thank you.