Gluten Free Kitchen Therapy


Overwhelmed with the gluten free diet?
Sick of being sick?
Find it difficult to cook gluten free?
Need to learn how to shop and cook using safe ingredients?

Want to improve the nutrition of gluten free foods?
where to begin?


You may have been thrilled to get a diagnosis. Or you may be frustrated with no real answer. And then the reality of the challenges set in. Now you want to know if you should go gluten free. If so, how to make it joyous and second nature.


There is so much to know. If you thought you knew how to cook, the ingredients have suddenly changed. Now you are searching for things you have never heard of before. And reading every label. Shopping takes hours. You would like get it down to half an hour again. Your previously never fail recipes are now a flop. You want to adapt them so they are “safe” and just as good as you remember.


Or you do not have a clue in the kitchen and would like to learn how to cook. You cannot find good tasting convenience foods in the gluten free aisle of the grocery store. That shrink wrapped gluten free pizza crust has an expiration date 6 months from now. It is also as hard as a brick. How good can that be? And yes, more restaurants are offering gluten free meals, but you would really like greater variety. You would also like to feel confidant that there are no mistakes.


We will walk you safely through the gluten filled world. We help you overcome your kitchen issues. Simply subscribe and share comments.  



Translating the science of good nutrition.


Mushroom Crumb Crust Tilapia with TomatoesLinda Simon is a true believer in great tasting healthy meals. She knows that eating well really is the best health insurance. She is a registered dietitian with over 17 years experience in special dietary needs and 8 years experience as a personal chef. She can help you enjoy meals, whether you want a gluten free, weight loss, cardiac, diabetic, renal, or other special meal!

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