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New Direction

Because of the continued activity by you the users, I have decided to keep this blog site online for a while longer.   All of Linda’s old posts and recipes will remain and continue to be accessible. 

But any new posts that I add will NOT necessarily be Gluten-Free related.  So if you wish not to receive new posting notifications I will not be offended if you remove yourself from this blogs feed updates.  You can still always return to the blog site and access the old Gluten-Free related content. 


My new postings will be more related to My Back Yard: and where I am getting my food and how I am processing and preparing it.   It may be gluten-free, but not necessarily.   So hang around if you want.  The writing style will surely be different from what you were use to.   And please do continue to access Linda’s gluten-free materials.

The End

Gluten Free Kitchen Therapy began as a spin-off of our personal chef business, Dine In!, because a client was diagnosed with celiac disease.  Along with that Linda did speaking engagements to spread her knowledge of gluten-free, and recipe testing to make gluten-free better tasting and better for you.    We did cooking demonstrations to show people how to make gluten-free good for you and tasty.  She invested time and energy to get local restaurants to offer gluten-free items on their menus AND to have the knowledge and policies in place to avoid cross contamination.


Eventually www.kitchentherapy.us became our main website.   In addition to the website design, I learned to use and program WordPress, and thus Linda’s blog was born (http://blog.kitchentherapy.us/).   We spent many hours video taping and editing cooking demonstrations that were offered on this site.   There was a lot of effort in making great photos of the dishes, as she always told me, we eat with our eyes first.  But mainly it was Linda’s great writing that made this site come to life.   Her dietetic training and personal chef experience added creditability to her content, but it was her writing style and quest for knowledge that got people to return again and again to her blog.  The videos and speaking engagements never became financially lucrative, but they where fun along the way.

I wish to thank all her blog readers for their many years of subscribing, for it was you who kept Linda going with the blog.   She really enjoyed coming up with the next posting even when time and energy were not abundant.    Linda was very disappointed when the cancer treatments no longer allowed her to think or write to the standards that she had set for herself.   “Chemo Brain” is a real problem.

And please read Linda’s account of her journey with cancer at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/lsimon

Thus we come to the end of Linda’s blog.

 Thank you all.

Vincent Simon

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