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  Grain and seed flours 1. Amaranth 2. Buckwheat 3. 4. 5. Corn– also known as (aka) masa harina. Corn flour can be white, yellow or blue 6. Montina– aka Indian rice grass. 7. Mesquite 8. Millet 9. Oat– must be certified gluten free to prevent cross contamination with glutinous grains. 10. Quinoa 11. 12. […]

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    Rebirth. Every year.   It is so miraculous!    In the north, spring brings welcome warm winds and sun on your cheeks. And shoots of early perennials leap from the earth. In March, I inspect our garden for the earliest signs of life. In April and May, I am signing the praises of fresh […]

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Gluten Free Kitchen Therapy

  Overwhelmed with the gluten free diet? Sick of being sick? Find it difficult to cook gluten free? Need to learn how to shop and cook using safe ingredients? Want to improve the nutrition of gluten free foods? Wondering where to begin?   You may have been thrilled to get a diagnosis. Or you may be […]

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