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More Beans

Once again this year’s feature crop was dried beans.  Specifically dried pole beans (as I get more crop by growing vertically in my small garden). This is the line of 9 pole teepees with 9 varieties of beans. While last time I went for dried pole beans of LARGE bean size.  (I’ve found them much […]

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Dried Pole Beans

It has been a long time since I finished my harvest of dried beans.   They have all been shelled, sorted, and weighed. All the pole beans are planted under tripods and trained to climb on twine.  Each planting consisted of 9 beans, planted 3 on a side. In addition to the pole beans I have […]

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Beans, Beans.

Garden update.   Each year I try and plant something different.  Last year I planted a half dozen different carrot varieties.   Thus I had carrot soup filling the freezer.  The year before it was Garden Huckleberries.   (One year of those was enough.)  And one year I planted grain substitutes; flax, amaranth, timothy, sorghum, millet, etc.  And while […]

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