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  Grain and seed flours 1. Amaranth 2. Buckwheat 3. 4. 5. Corn- also known as (aka) masa harina. Corn flour can be white, yellow or blue 6. Montina- aka Indian rice grass. 7. Mesquite 8. Millet 9. Oat- must be certified gluten free to prevent cross contamination with glutinous grains. 10. Quinoa 11. 12. […]

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    Rebirth. Every year.   It is so miraculous!    In the north, spring brings welcome warm winds and sun on your cheeks. And shoots of early perennials leap from the earth. In March, I inspect our garden for the earliest signs of life. In April and May, I am signing the praises of fresh […]

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  Linda Simon is a true believer in great tasting healthy meals. She knows that eating well really is the best health insurance. She is a registered dietitian with over 17 years experience in special dietary needs and 8 years experience as a personal chef. She can help you enjoy meals, whether you want a […]

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