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(Updated Oct 29, 2012)

This blog started in 2009. I (Linda) was a personal chef and dietitian, cooking healthy meals for folks in their kitchens.

I had a strong interest in gluten free cooking and improving the nutrition of the gluten free diet. The
pervasive use of highly refined starches, extra fat, and extra sugar in gluten free baked goods drove me crazy. Everything was way too sweet, and not worth the calories. I developed recipes using
whole-grain gluten free flours. Simple recipes, without 16  different combinations of flours. I wanted to find great uses for one flour per recipe. So I played with quinoa, teff, amaranth, buckwheat, millet… All kinds of fun ingredients. We got some results that went straight to the compost pile. And we got some great tasting, successful, healthier gluten free baked goods too.

You will find a mix of posts here. Recipes for baked goods, veggies, soups, stews. All the recipes are gluten free. There are also posts on gardening, preserving, fermenting, book reviews, goofs…

My posting has slowed down dramatically. I was diagnosed with recurrent cancer February 2010. Feel free to follow that story at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/lsimon I have been able to travel. To San Diego, Holland, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Spain. The Caring Bridge posts are not all doom and gloom. Sometimes they are even funny.




Linda Lee Graff Bush Simon
Janesville, WI
December 12, 1953 to June 8, 2012

I (Linda) wrote this. Family will edit it, but any errors are my own.

Linda Simon died at home in Janesville from recurrent cancer.  The daughter of the late Robert W. Graff and Marva F. Graff was born in Charleston, South Carolina.  She graduated from James Madison Memorial High School in 1972.  
I married Donald Bush in 1975 and had two fabulous daughters.  A mother could not be prouder of her children.  Amanda Lee Wagner (Robert Wagner, and grandson Teddy Wagner), and Molly Bush Ph.D. (Shane Lettman).
We divorced in 1989. I commuted to UW Madison to earn a degree in Dietetics.  I worked in nursing homes, hospitals, and dialysis units.
I met a great guy, Vincent A. Simon.  We were married August 8, 1992, less than a year after we met. 
My dietetics jobs weren’t so much fun.  I figured the only one keeping me from a job I loved was me.  So with comprehensive support from Vince I started Dine In Personal Chef Service and operated it for 10 years.  The last three years Vince joined me, cooking in other people’s kitchens.  It was sweet.  I also started Kitchen Therapy blog.  It started as a gluten free blog.  Vince has added posts on gardening and fermenting.  http://blog.kitchentherapy.us.  I invite you to also read my account of this cancer at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/lsimon Some of it is funny, some shocking, some sad, all honest.

I am survived by my mother Marva Graff. Sister Cindy O’Connor of Stoughton, WI (brother-in-law Patrick, nephew Michael, and niece Lisa).  Brothers Richard Graff (Trisha) of Kingston, New York, and William Graff of Golden, CO.  And many, many in-laws.

I want to thank Vincent Simon for his most excellent love and care, truly in sickness and in health.

I wish to thank Drs Howard Bailey and Ellen Hartenbach, and their staff, of UW Gynecology. And Kristin Bradley, and her staff, of UW Radiation Oncology. Also many thanks to Agrace Hospice Care.

I have had a life I am happy with. I was never very receptive to unsolicited advice, but I will share these thoughts with you anyway.
Learn to cook real food.
Learn to garden.
Be kind to the earth and go outside.
Be creative.
Support causes with time and/or money. I like DES Action, Kiva, the local food pantry, La Leche League, and Caring Bridge.

Family and friends were invited to share in a celebration of Linda’s life at 11am, Saturday, June 16, 2012, at her home, 4228 N Polaris Pkwy, Janesville, WI 53546.   All were invited to bring their  favorite quilt to display along with Linda’s.


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