The Sterilock Airlock

I recently had the opportunity to try out The World’s First Antibacterial Airlock – Sterilock.

2016-04-19 12.13.29


Sterilock’s director, Richard Cook, sent me a basic Sterilock setup. I received the Sterilock airlock, an odor absorbing capsule and two different style lids. Along with a food fermentation guide.


So I set out to make a batch of my fermented cabbage as I usually do. The cabbage was chopped and mixed with a little salt. Then packed it into a jar, topped with brine and sealed with the Sterilock airlock.
I placed it into my usual fermentation cabinet and waited 2 weeks.
My first comment is that I was not able to tell how active the fermentation process was happening as I didn’t have a fluid filled airlock to provide visual feedback (bubbling action).

I did not use the odor absorbing capsule as I usually don’t have an odor issue. So I can not comment on its effectiveness. 2016-04-19 12.00.42

The Sterilock was very easy to use. No need to monitor the fluid level in an airlock, just make sure that the brine level in the jar remains high enough to cover all the fermenting materials. It is a nice compact unit that makes storing the fermenting jar in tighter quarters than possible with a bubble airlock.

But I miss being able to tell if the process is actively working and or has stopped.

This batch turned out to be NOT as sour as I expected. I don’t know if this is because of the Sterilock or maybe the cabbage. I just don’t know.

I also feel that the cost is a bit high compared to the alternate airlocks available. But hopefully with increased sales and production, the cost per unit will drop sufficiently.

But check out Sterilock for yourself and see if it works for your application.