Beans, Beans.

Garden update.   Each year I try and plant something different.  Last year I planted a half dozen different carrot varieties.   Thus I had carrot soup filling the freezer.  The year before it was Garden Huckleberries.   (One year of those was enough.)  And one year I planted grain substitutes; flax, amaranth, timothy, sorghum, millet, etc.  And while I like to try new tomatoes each year they just are unusual enough.

2013-07-17 17.34.09

This year the garden theme is dried beans.   More specifically climbing dried beans.  Other years I have planted Pink Lady, Red Lady, and Christmas Lima Beans.  But this year, in addition to those three, I have also planted:

Good Mother Stallard

Hidatsa Shield Figure

Brockton Horticulture

Speckled Cranberry

True Red Cranberry


Sunset Runner Beans

2013-07-17 17.36.22

And while they are all growing very well, the Pink Lady and Red Lady are still the hummingbirds favorites.

I selected these particular climbing beans because of the beans size.  Bigger is easier to shuck come fall.  Some also can be eaten as green beans, but I intend to use them solely for dried bean  production.

Harvest time will tell if I chose well or not.  More pictures then.

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