2 Last Minute Christmas Gifts from the Grocery Store

We are down to the wire now, and the grocery store stays open late. I’ll keep this short and simple, you have places to go.

wonder bun

Wonder Bun photo by vsimon

#1. Wonder Bun Kit.

Purchase a 10 ounce custard cup and your choice of ingredients. Print the recipe, and a link to the video. Add some measuring spoons if your giftee is short on cooking equipment. Wrap it up and Viola!

This little bit of heaven is a gluten free and dairy free lifesaver. Do you need it egg free too? Click on the recipe link above and see the comments from Alli. She uses Orgran “No Egg” Egg Replacer, and “LUUUUUUUVS” this version of Wonder Buns. She even makes one before going out to dinner and has the restaurant put her burger on it. Great ideas!! Thanks Alli!

fennel seedflickr

fennel seeds photo by Kevin Dooley

#2. Seed Tea for happy tummies.

1 tablespoon whole caraway seeds

2 tablespoons whole anise seeds

4 tablespoons whole fennel seeds

Mix it up and put into a small pretty jar. Package with a tea strainer. And a mug if you like.

To make tea: put about a tablespoon of the seed mix into the strainer. Heat water to almost boiling. Steep seed tea for about 3 minutes.

We warmly wish you the happiest of Holidays,

peace and abundance in the New Year.

Linda and Vincent Simon

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