Ground Cherry Jam with Orange

If you looked at the most common search terms used to find our blog, you would think it was a ground cherry blog. That makes me think there must not be many others writing about ground cherries. Today, I want to share another ground cherry post.


ground cherry jam photo by vsimon

The ground cherries are still producing in our garden. Enough to make golden, seedy jam. Vincent made up his own orange kissed sweet recipe.

What you should know about this recipe.

Vincent used a whole orange with the rind, but no seeds. The orange was cut into 1/8th inch slices, give or take. Then chopped, in to little chunks.

The pectin he used was for lower sugar recipes. Even so, this jam is half fruit, half sugar. And he used approximately half a packet, just eyeballing it.

Oh, and I discovered the pectin he used was marked: Use Before May 19, 2000. (!) The jam jelled, we have eaten a whole jar, and have not died. Or even gotten sick. Apparently pectin lasts a long time.

Obviously, we hadn’t made jam in many years. This year we are catching up. In addition to ground cherry, Vincent has made currant, plum, tomato (red and yellow), and tomatillo jams.

You will measure the ground cherries twice. Once before you start the recipe, so you know you have enough fruit. The second measurement is after they are cooked. This tells you how much sugar to add.

Ground cherry jam tastes as beautiful as it looks. The orange flavor really comes through. Not as strong as orange marmalade, but still noticeable. The cinnamon flavor is subtle.

It is pictured here on a millet wonder bun. Those, from scratch to ready to eat in five minute, wonders. See a wonder bun video on the pantry page. Scroll down a bit.ground-cherry-jam

ground cherry jam with orange on a millet wonder bun photo by vsimon

Ground Cherry Jam

Yield: about 5 half pints

4-5 cups ground cherries, (de-papered)

1/2 cup water, maybe a little more

1 orange

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2  1.75 oz packet pectin

Remove husks from the ground cherries, then measure the first time.

Put cherries in large stew pot and crush so that they are all at least broken.

Heat to a boil along with enough water to get them to cook without burning, about ½ cup.

Boil 2 minutes.

Measure cooked berries, this is the amount of sugar to add later.

Return ground cherries to the pot.

Add the chopped orange with any juice that is oozing away.

Add ground cinnamon if using, and the pectin.

Bring mixture to full boil, boil 1 minute.

Add sugar in an amount equal to the volume of cooked ground cherries.

Bring to full boil for 5 minutes.

Put into jars and hot water bath process for 10 minutes.


I hope you love the fruits of V’s labors as much as I do.

*Added 9-15-09 after original posting. I love the whole concept of Grow Your Own. Andrea Meyers started a bimonthly blog carnival to see what is grown in our backyards around the world, when it is is season, and what we do with it. This edition is hosted by Praveen of Masala Heaven.

7 thoughts on “Ground Cherry Jam with Orange”

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  2. Ground cherries? I have to say I have never heard of these. This is really intriguing as I am always up for learning about new fruits and veggies….btw…thanks for educating me on the hot carrot pepper!

    1. Using 10 year old pectin sounds really bad. Especially when I am fastidious about labeling and dating stuff in the fridge. And I generally practice good inventory management. First in, first out.

      But this pectin was tucked way up in the back corner of a little used cupboard. Apparently, sometimes, you just need to make jam on the spur of the moment. And use what you have. 🙂