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School started here yesterday. Of course the kids come home starving. Why not let them make their own fun and healthy snack?

And watch a video on how to do it? Please visit our pantry to see the free preview video.

Commercial alert!!

Watch the video and you will be witnessing the birth of our new business. Kitchen Therapy online gluten free cooking classes.

Each class will have a theme and and 5 full videos. Many are planned, several are filmed and will debut soon.

But we would like your help. Please watch the video and leave comments. What would you like to see? Did you have problems accessing the video? Anything you want to say. We can be most helpful when you share your suggestions, concerns, and thoughts.

If you love the idea, please tell folks about it. The more the merrier. And please register.


Linda and Vincent Simon

3 Responses to “Ants on a Branch, Ladybugs on a Log”

  1. Nutritioulicious says:

    Great post and video! I’m a big fan of peanut butter and actually highly recommend ants on a log as a snack for adults and children. Check out my post about the benefits of PB and how to choose the best one – snack tips included! http://nutritioulicious.wordpress.com/2009/07/27/peanut-butter/

    • rdlinda says:

      Hi Nutritioulicious,
      Thanks for the tips on choosing PB. I need to remind readers that at least one brand of PB has gluten in it. Naturally More brand adds wheat germ. So it has gluten. Do not use this brand. And keep on reading those labels!

  2. Amy Wagner says:

    Fun! Great job. I enjoyed watching. Overall I think its great. Your kitchen looks great and you look great. It held my interest the whole time – like a cooking show. Time for MY after school snack!

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