Coming this fall! Kitchen Therapy online cooking video subscriptions.

Sure, the blog is a great source for gluten free recipes, and it will continue to be.


gluten free yeast bread batter photo by lsimon

But maybe you want more.

Do you want to see how the dish is made, start to finish?

Do you want more nutrition information?

Do you want menus for special occasions?

Do you need to see a pressure cooker in action to get over your fears of touching one?

Kitchen Therapy Online Cooking Videos will teach you healthy new dishes, techniques and cuisines.

You will gain confidence in the kitchen.

You will save time.

You will save money.

You will improve the flavor of your dishes.

You will improve your nutrition, and your health.

Each class will be available for you to watch on your computer, at your convenience. No need to travel to a class, or try to fit it into your schedule.

Numerous classes are coming.

Healthy After School Snacks that the kids can help make.

Fuel Up Breakfasts, some cooked in a crock-pot overnight, warm and ready when you get up.

A (not too) Scary Halloween menu.

Super Soups, nothing canned here.

My First Thanksgiving, really, it is easier than you think.

Make Friends with a Pressure Cooker, for a satisfying lifetime relationship.

And many more. What would you like a class on?

Each class will have at least 5 videos, packed with simple, successful cooking techniques. Using whole ingredients. And great gluten free nutrition. We guarantee you will learn, and have fun doing it.

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Please join us for a class, or many.

5 thoughts on “Coming this fall! Kitchen Therapy online cooking video subscriptions.”

  1. Hi Linda

    This is a great idea; wish I’d thought of it first! And if your video technique is as good as the photographs, they should be delectable… I love that photo of batter above.


  2. Oh, I want to see the Thanksgiving one! Another one I’d like to see is a menu for entertaining – with healthy appetizers for a cocktail party. Or what about a brunch menu?

  3. Hi Linda. As someone who is the brother of one cooking nut and the husband of an even bigger cooking lunatic, I am now going to be your shrillest advocate. They’re both going to love your blog.

    Looks great, by the way. You have done some very smart things here with your design!

    Take care friend.